Mesa Dual Rectifier 3 Channel: Jimmy Page

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Tube Amps
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Raw as a Marshall-y

Jimmy Page-inspired settings.


(Updated 12/26/15: Second example added)

These are settings I use for classic rock.  The Presence and Treble should complement the other by having one to the lower setting if one is higher, though your mileage may vary.  

I once got a hold of some later amp settings for Jimmy Page and tweaked them a little for my setup.  With the gain at about 11:00 it emulates his pick attack as a distortion controller and turning it to Noon is more like his early live sound.  Turning the Treble to about 3:00 moves the mid scoop back in frequency and pushes the treble up to the kinds of brightness he liked.  The lower Presence takes some bite out of the highs.  The tube rectifier softens the distortion and compresses it nicely, though thats a matter of taste and not based on Marshall, Hiwatt, or Orange.

Jimmy Page Settings 2

Alternate settings with increased FX Send.  Added 12/26/15.

The setting with the Presence maxed and the Treble lowered is a lot like the kinds of sounds he got with the old, cheaper, combo amps in the studio:  There are less upper-mids, more upper frequencies , and the tube rectifier is era-correct.  Sometimes I roll the bass back a little, but that is, again, a matter of taste and boredom.

The updated example sounds really good for early Led Zeppelin.  Good Times Bad Times, Dazed And Confused, Heartbreaker, and Living Loving Maid all sound good with it.  Jimmy was likely using a modified Supro for those recordings and getting additional drive from overloading the recording console.  The tube rectifier lends itself to that sound, since the Supro used a tube rectifier as well.



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