This is the result of testing equipment during a time when I was trying for vintage guitar tones.  I used an MXL condenser pencil mic.  It was about 6 inches back, straight on, pointed 3 inches left and one inch down from the cone.  I wanted to capture a balanced, smooth sound.

The amp was Ch 2, Vintage Mode, Bold, Tube diode, with two tubes pulled.  My guitar had the volume turned down a couple of notches.  The playing could be better, but that wasn’t the point of the test.  A lot of people think of the Dual Rectifier as being a “Metal” or “Grunge” amp, but it’s quite versatile.

Sabb and Nibbled EQ are the same track.  Nibbled has a mid boost added to show the difference that can be made with a mid boost to emulate a more Vintage British sound.


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