AC/DC Tones and A Vintage-Like Clean

Posted: September 15, 2015 in Guitar, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
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ACDCPlexi VintageCleanThese settings are for an approach to getting some vintage tones from a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.  The Clean uses the ideas I’ve been developing about a higher gain setting against a lower Volume setting.  It also has less Bass dialed in.  This made the moderate use of Mid and Treble possible to control sizzle and distortion.  The Presence is just an extra treble control, because Channel 1 has no negative feedback in the power amp.  This setting is very full through the mids and has enough bass and treble to sound good, without either dominating.

The Dirty setting is copping a nice late-70s AC/DC tone.  It sounded really good for many Classic Rock tunes that aren’t fuzzed up.  Raw has a lot of top and bottom rolled off.  It only needs a little nudge to move into Plexi territory, though it could take some more Mid if a person wished to do so.  The Solo is engaged and dialed-in just enough to change the top frequency response.  

With the alterations in the circuit, Raw also works very well as an old-style single channel amplifier.  Rolling back the guitar volume cleans it up enough for a not-so-clean sound ala Marshall, Hiwatt, and others circa 1968-1976.  Of all the modes in the dirty channels, it does the best job of reacting to the dynamics of the player.  Vintage can get close to Raw, but it doesn’t clean up as well, it’s a little less touch sensitive, and is a decade or two ahead of that tone.

So the setup above has a dynamic dirty sound that can be dialed back for an alternate clean on Ch2  and a bouncy, clear, and warm clean sound that is difficult to overdrive very hard on Channel 1.  Spongy will make Raw more like the early-Zeppelin Supro sound and takes the Clean back to the 1950s.

Have fun.  If you like it, let me know.


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