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I found this informative, since most people only talk about the safety portion of this topic.  It’s written to be easy to understand and very straightforward.  Enjoy!

Ohm Cooking 101


Getting There

Posted: October 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

I had a fairly serious accident, but I’m coming around.  Perhaps in another two weeks I’ll begin the remainder of my planned Recto articles in the current series:

  • Channel 2 analysis
  • Channel 3 analysis
  • Compare/Contrast Ch’s 2 and 3
  • Channel 1 Mods

I don’t currently have any practical mods in mind for distortion, but if I see a need, I’ll look for a solution.  I’m considering a series of articles for more adventurous modifications, which are experimental, along with a series about incorporating best practices from the Recto into new designs, and ideas for overcoming the shortcomings from the earlier designs in different ways from the path Mesa has taken.