Visualizing Graphic EQ Curves and Level

Posted: February 21, 2016 in Effects, Ideas To Be Developed
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I put together a rudimentary representation of the effect on filter curves when setting a graphic EQ.  It isn’t exact.  Use it to get a general idea for the way a graphic EQ shapes the signal.

Visualizing EQ settings

(EDIT: Since looking at the schematic and seeing differential op amps, I realize the examples with boosted level are incorrect.  A level boost would actually cause the shape to warp outward, rather than inward, because the level amp is before the EQ amps.  This would be the case with examples 1, 3 and 4.)

The more extreme the boost or cut, the greater the bend that is made by the transition to the adjacent slider.  Likewise, if one slider adjacent to the peak is offset with respect to the positions of the other slider adjacent to the peak, the overall peak is pulled down a small amount.

The settings with a level increase have a yellow line to mark the new zero dB line.  Blue is boost frequencies and green is cut frequencies.

These settings represent cocked-wah effects, wide, resonant filers, and boosts.


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