Looking at the cover, I noticed that La-te-ra-lus has an alternate meaning (at least in-part).  La, Te, and Ra are notes in the Solfege sight reading method.  

There are multiple ways of looking at it:

As actual notes

  • La=A
  • Te=B
  • Ra=D flat/C sharp

or as diatonic numbers

  • La=6
  • Te=7
  • Ra=2 flat/1 sharp

or as chromatic numbers with the C Major root as zero

  • La=9
  • Te=10
  • Ra=1

Or as chromatic numbers with A minor root as zero

  • La=0 (1)
  • Te=1 (2)
  • Ra=8 (9)

Another possibility is as a fixed Do chromatic scale with numbers grouped and one interval overlapping at 10:

La Te Ra

  • 8-9/10/11-12/1-2-3

I am not sure about the “lus” in the title.  The “l” is taller than the “us”, as if the “us” is descending.  There are ties to Lus meaning Lire, which has a bunch of meanings, including “flesh” or “cheek”.  In other words, it can specifically mean “body” or a body part.

If any of this stuff is intentional, the pattern for reordering the album tracks is related to one of the above.  I don’t know…..



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