Boss GE-7 For Boost or Tone Shaping 2

Posted: April 25, 2016 in Effects
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HarmonicI like this boosted filter.  The 400 Hz peak is accompanied by a 3.2 kHz peak of a smaller amplitude.  This accents the 4th Harmonic, which is consonant.  

The peaks can be moved around and other octaves can be chosen, except for the 2nd Harmonic.  Since the 2nd abuts the 1st, the frequencies between them cannot be cut to create and accent.

OctavesFor a filtered, octave up kind of sound, accent a given high frequency and put a smaller accent on a lower frequency.  An additional higher band can be accented at a lower amplitude.

The sliders on either side of the peaks can be moved up or down to create wider or shorter bands.  I recommend keeping the amplitude of the cuts as close to each other as possible for uniformity to keep the center frequencies from shifting, unless that’s desired.


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