This week, I’ve come across two great sources of information, ideas, and inspiration:

  • Tone Lizard Has a lot of ideas worth looking at for modifications.  I’ve looked at this site before regarding 6L6GC tubes, but moved on afterward.  It was worth it to go back and look through other content.  A lot of this is covered in many places, but the suggestions and condensed information is well done.
  • A2Guitars Youtube A lot of great information about guitar electronics.  The linked video is about tone controls (and how to get a cocked wah sound) and dispels misinformation I’ve seen all over guitar related sources with real time examples using a hand-built electronics device and a spectrometer.  I enjoyed it and it was useful on a personal level.

I’m still not feeling well enough to do a lot of work for the blog or to build or test things very often.  I did take some time to change my JB/Jazz set to switchable parallel/series coils.  I haven’t been able to play as much, or as well, as I’d like to be able to make many judgments about it versus the modified spin-a-split I had before.  The one things I can say is that a JB in parallel sounds awesome and I like it more than a split coil.

I’m still getting used to the stock JB sound and also having a tone control again.  I used a 47n cap for the tone control, as suggested by Seymour Duncan.  After viewing the video linked above, I’m going to reduce that value to get a resonant sound in the final 1/3 of the pot taper.  A value between 22n and 10n is likely, even if I have to make a custom value with series or parallel caps.  I love resonant filters and I want one that will not be obscured by the Mid control on my Dual Rectifier.  So, math will be done.

Thanks for reading.

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