The idea was to take Vintage on Channel 2 and make it sound very similar to Modern on Channel 3.  The results ended up being very close, but I didn’t have the time to completely match the EQ (for the most anal of comparisons).  The overall response was what I was going for and that is achieved. 

Matching Modern Vintage

Finding a similar response between Vintage CH2 and Modern Ch3.  Click for larger picture.

The Presence control for Vintage filters the frequencies to flatten them and reduce harmonics and clipping by controlling negative feedback from the output transformer to the P.I..  When it is turned all the way down, it is filtering frequencies all the way down to 30 Hz, which is below the threshold of our hearing.

On the other hand, Modern has no negative feedback.  Its Presence control is a simple filter which pivots about at a given frequency like a tail (2.4 kHz on Channel 3 and 1.6 kHz on Channel 2).  When the control is turned all the way down, the harmonic content is reduced before the master volume, but the power amp is enhancing everything coming into it.

The Presence control’s actions also depends on the position of the Treble wiper, which is another long subject altogether.  The short version is that moderate to low treble positions allow low Presence settings to pull the filter down in dB when its position is very low.

What all that explanation means is: with Treble at 12:00, the Presence controls can get close enough to each other to make Vintage and Modern indistinguishable in a mix by removing filtering from Vintage up to the point at which it resembles the response of the filter in Modern.




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