Pumped Up Supa Fuzz Build

Posted: May 27, 2019 in DIY, Effects
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I recently built a modified clone of a Marshall Supa Fuzz from a board for a Tone Bender Mk. II. The circuit has a charge pump to supply power and provides negative ground at the jacks.The schematic also calls for a 1 M pull down resistor. This is a modern touch to prevent popping when turning the effect on. Otherwise it’s pretty much a classic Tone Bender circuit. You can find the pcb at: GuitarPCB

Supa Tone Bender

Supa Tone Bender

I was going to do a straight Tone Bender build, but the transistors I received from Small Bear had a different values from what was on the schematic. I also changed the electrolytic capacitors to 10u, because that what I had on hand. These part values are what differentiates a Tone Bender Mk. II from a Supa Fuzz.

The only other change I made was to put a pot after the input, so I can use my Dunlop 535Q wah in the front. I like to use somewhat narrow Q for a more vowel-like wah sound and none of my fuzz pedals like that very much. I’m planning to put a pot into a Fuzz Factory clone I have. I might also build a box with isolated pots for fuzz pedals and an output buffer for my pedal board.

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