Spring 2014

Hi, I’m Ted.  I have been seriously playing guitar since about 1996.  I learned about electronics in 1995-1996.  After school, I didn’t go into any field that used my training.  The only use I got out of it, was from modifying and repairing my guitars, amps, and pedals.  In 2009, I became interested in building tube amps and speaker boxes.  I bought 5 books on the subject and read every web page I could possibly find.  However, amplifiers are an expensive hobby and I eventually stopped.

I began a guitar luthier business in 2012, using the correct tools and woods, and built my own shop/paint room on my property.  I closed the business the same year, due to illness, but kept on with experiments when I could.

In 2013, I decided to build effects.  This went much better than the other two prospects and I found I was really good at experimenting and finding cool sounds.  Unfortunately, in January 2014, I became more ill and I have in constant pain since that time.  I’ve been diagnosed with several conditions which will be lifelong, debilitating, and chronic .  I am not not able to build anything very often and even guitar playing is incredibly difficult, if I am able to play at all.

I’d originally planned to use this blog to help the DIY community by posting my findings, passing on information, or giving ideas to spark innovation.  Now, I’m digging into theory and applications for different things and trying to keep myself busy with something useful.  My current pet-project is to analyze the Mesa Engineering Dual Rectifier.  Much of the information I found available was incorrect.  It’s a complicated machine and isn’t understood by most of the people who use it; especially with misinformation being so widely spread.  My amp is the first generation of 3 Channels, but it is similar enough to most of the other versions for some of the information to apply to them.

I hope you find something helpful here.  Feel free to comment or contribute.  If any errors are present, please let me know.  Thanks.

(Update June 2016)

Physical problems persist which make it difficult to sit at my PC for long periods.  In addition, cognitive problems have progressed to the point to which it takes a lot of effort to ensure my work and interpretations are correct.  Most of the problem is memory and reasoning, but my vocabulary and spatial abilities remain strong.  I always work from notes, but I am cautious about passing on incorrect information, as I consider my work on the blog to be important as a tool for others.

In any case, I’ve had good traffic for such niche topics and I appreciate that many people have read/used the information, and in some cases it’s held up to scrutiny and helped in some small way.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Jason says:

    Can you suggest ideas for getting a Plexi or Brown Sound out of my Tremoverb? I no it won’t emulate it completely, but as close as I can get would be nice. Thanks


  2. Enzo says:

    Hey man you’re awesome, thanks!


  3. Lucas says:

    hi man, i’m from Brazil, i’ve built 2 marshalls (1959 & 2204) and others single ended projects, now i wounded the PT and OT for a 100w amp, and decided to build a twin reverb, and a dual rectifier as the drive channel. Your blog have more information than anywhere i searched, and i amazed about all your knowledges, thanks for all the work in.


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