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This week, I’ve come across two great sources of information, ideas, and inspiration: (more…)


Vintage humbuckers and those which emulate P.A.F.-style humbuckers have a distinct dip in the midrange, due in part to the unbalanced DC resistance of the coils and the number of winds on each bobbin.  Many modern humbuckers are over-wound, but still have an unbalanced pair of coils to produce a “P.A.F.-on-steroids sound”.  Many other modern humbuckers are fairly well matched, giving the pickup a spike in the midrange.  The Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB is one such pickup.  At a total DC resistance of 16.4k, it’s more than twice as powerful as a P.A.F..  My idea was to create a permanent offset and have a spin-a-split that doesn’t reduce to zero. (more…)

I came across this site this morning and saw that the author is sharing his work for free.  His book is at least $79 on Amazon, so that’s really nice of him to offer it for free.  I only looked at a few things, but it appears to be excellent.

Split you coils and add distortion.

Split your coils and add distortion.

This has not yet been tested.  I contacted Seymour Duncan and was told that a wire to the “-Input” tab on the back will allow splitting.

Other ideas for modification are:

  1. Use the switch for adding the mix control in and out and forget about splitting.
  2. Use switch for diode distortion, no mixing pot.  Use that pot as a spin-a-split.
  3. Place diodes in multiple places, with higher clipping thresholds upstream from lower ones.
An easy variable fuzz/distortion.

An easy variable fuzz/distortion.

An easy variable fuzz/distortion.

An easy variable fuzz/distortion.

I like both active and passive humbucking pickups for different reasons.  Quality passives have a creamy, “I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Butter” character that actives usually do not have, but actives have clarity and punch that passives usually do not have.  Then there’s the EMG JH James Hetfield Set.  It doesn’t sound as compressed and hi-fi as many other actives while retaining the punch and clarity.  I love using them and recommend them to anyone for almost any humbucking sound.


This is a place for me to keep all of the music related things in one place.  Among the things I will be uploading are: DIY effects, tube amp circuit information, guitar wiring mods, guitar tab, ideas, and vanity bullshit.  I don’t mind if anything is shared, tweaked, insulted, or otherwise used as long as it’s not-for-profit and I’m credited/vilified for my ideas.