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I found this informative, since most people only talk about the safety portion of this topic.  It’s written to be easy to understand and very straightforward.  Enjoy!

Ohm Cooking 101


Peavey XXX RewiredI rewired my cab to have top and bottom pairs, instead of left and right.  I run it 2×12 once in awhile and wanted to try it this way.  The top pair is a little tighter and the bottom is about like normal.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain the wiring and source impedances needed for this cabinet.  It is a 16 ohm mono and 8 ohms for each side in stereo.  The diagrams shown are actually the same as stock, since the pairs are only moved to different locations.

Ex:1 A single amp in stereo needs to use 4 ohm output jacks to have a safe match.  The amp adds the outputs together to make 8 ohms.

Ex 2: A single amp in mono needs to use a 16 ohm output jack, but an 8 ohm output would still be safe, if your tube amp can handle it..

Ex 3: Two amps into one stereo cabinet use one 8 ohm output jack from each.  Because the loads are being seen by separate amps, they don’t reduce to 4 ohms, like would happen with a single amp running parallel loads.  The cabinet is basically two 2x12s in one box when used this way.  If one source amp is removed from the third example, an 8 ohm connection into one pair of speakers is using the cab as an over sized 2×12.