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This is the result of testing equipment during a time when I was trying for vintage guitar tones.  I used an MXL condenser pencil mic.  It was about 6 inches back, straight on, pointed 3 inches left and one inch down from the cone.  I wanted to capture a balanced, smooth sound.



This is a pretty awesome video.  It lines up with some of the ideas I’ve been exploring and he is a very good guitar player.  Enjoy.

His cab is different from mine and his amp is the “Reborn” Recto, but most of our ideas are very similar.  For anyone trying to do the same kind of sound sculpting, remember to factor in the cab and don’t be too anal.

I have some demos on there and a few personal things.  Just to let you know: if I miss a note, biff a riff, or otherwise do not perform perfectly, I don’t do a retake and I don’t really give a shit.  It is what it is and the demonstrations are about the sounds, not how awesome I am.

I have some videos to make for the EMG fuzzstortion mod, the split humbucker mod I did on one guitar, and the combo of a 5-way switch and spin-a-split mod on another.  My shoulder is jacked up.  Once it heals, I’ll be making more awesomely bad videos.