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Vintage humbuckers and those which emulate P.A.F.-style humbuckers have a distinct dip in the midrange, due in part to the unbalanced DC resistance of the coils and the number of winds on each bobbin.  Many modern humbuckers are over-wound, but still have an unbalanced pair of coils to produce a “P.A.F.-on-steroids sound”.  Many other modern humbuckers are fairly well matched, giving the pickup a spike in the midrange.  The Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB is one such pickup.  At a total DC resistance of 16.4k, it’s more than twice as powerful as a P.A.F..  My idea was to create a permanent offset and have a spin-a-split that doesn’t reduce to zero. (more…)

Split you coils and add distortion.

Split your coils and add distortion.

This has not yet been tested.  I contacted Seymour Duncan and was told that a wire to the “-Input” tab on the back will allow splitting.

Other ideas for modification are:

  1. Use the switch for adding the mix control in and out and forget about splitting.
  2. Use switch for diode distortion, no mixing pot.  Use that pot as a spin-a-split.
  3. Place diodes in multiple places, with higher clipping thresholds upstream from lower ones.