Mesa Dual Rectifier Index

To aid in providing a resource to users and abusers of the Dual Rectifier, this Index will separate blog posts and linked content into categories.  A person could just click on the Mesa Boogie category listed on the posts, but this is more organized and provides an overview.  It also allows linked content to be shared from other sources, as it is useful to have a hub for information.  My focus is on the original, Pre-Reborn 3 Channel version of the Rectifier, but much of the information can be used across all models.

Content may be submitted for inclusion on this index.  If an author/owner of any linked content wishes to have their link removed, please contact me.

11/26/2015: Although I talk about and describe modifications, I really don’t feel it’s necessary to perform most of them and get a great sound out of the amplifier.  I do think it’s necessary to mod the FX Loop to serial and the cathode caps are a worthwhile change.

I’m not planning to test more mods and I’m discontinuing discussions about them on the blog.  My original intent was to provide information for people who really feel the need to tinker, but I’ve discovered I really do not wish to perform them myself.

Using adequate volume, FX Send level, and EQ settings are more than enough to get a wide variety of sounds from the amp (and this amp requires stage volumes to sound its best).  If a person has questions about those topics, see “Use”.






Tools For Analysis

  1. Max says:

    Hello. I want to build 3-channel dual rectifier. I found the schematic for it (the same is on this site:
    But I have a problem. Only part one of switching matrix exist in the pdf. Where I can find second part? Maybe you have it?
    Sorry for my bad english.


    • Warpedpig#1 says:

      The individual switches are shown at the appropriate places in the amplifier stages. Look for the bjts and jfets. There’s also the voicing circuit on its own page. Good luck.


      • Max says:

        Yes, thanks a lot.
        Also I need to find out where the circuit is with LM3914. On the scheme only two diodes have connect to this chip. But no other pins of chip, no circuit with LM3914, no power for chip, no anything. This confuses me.


      • Warpedpig#1 says:

        I replied with a partially bad answer. Edited out the stupid part. The answer is on the data sheet.


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